Short Term Yoga Courses

Diya Yogashala also offers certified one week short term yoga courses of different kinds that offer further enhancement and improved knowledge about various yoga poses and their alignment. Now let’s talk about what all will be taught to yoga students and yoga enthusiasts when they come to learn the nuances of yoga at Diya Yogashala in Rishikesh. The owner and a trained yoga instructor Yogi Deepak Nautiyal and his team of yoga teachers have expertise in Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa styles of yoga, which they teach to their students.

Surya Namaskar and meditation form an important part of all yoga courses that are offered at Diya Yogashala, Rishikesh. Surya Namaskar helps activate the body and prepare it for the upcoming yoga poses. It also helps carry oxygen to every part of the body, which in turn energizes it. This is followed by meditation, which makes the body calm and balanced. This is important as it helps to do and maintain various yoga poses for several minutes, which actually is a difficult task for new yoga students or for those who haven’t practiced yoga before.

Short Yoga Courses